Sophia Honahn
Sophia Honahni, 17, of Tuba City High School was awarded a special combination sports and academic award from the Arizona Dairy Council and Arizona Coaches Association at the Arizona Leadership Academy in Gilbert. Honahni won 2017 All American First Team Volleyball award, which honors sports skill and commitment to community service for the year. Photo/Rosanda Suetopka

Tuba City senior wins All-American sports award for commitment, skills

TUBA CITY, Ariz. — Sophia Katherine-Ray Honahni, 17, a senior at Tuba City High School recently won the All-American First Team Volleyball Award and a $1,500 academic scholarship given to athletes not just for their sport skills, but for their commitment and service history.

The “First Team Volleyball Award” was presented to Honahni at the Gilbert American Leadership Academy last week by the Dairy Council of Arizona and the Arizona Coaches Association as a joint partnership for gifted Arizona high school athletes.

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