Parent & Community Involvement

How do you make your program philosophy, goals and recruitment procedures available to all parents?

  1. Provide parents with a gifted handbook for working with the district
  2. Open house for gifted parents • Web site for gifted students and parents
  3. Parent – teacher conferences

Presentations at beginning of the year parent orientation nights, district web site, parent/teacher conferences. Students handbooks have this information. Scope and sequence available at each school.

How do you provide access to your scope and sequence for all parents?

  1. Gifted scope and sequence distributed to all gifted parents, available in all school offices and website

The scope and sequence is available to all who desire a copy. It is available on the district website and in each school office.

Describe how you incorporate parents into a support or advisory group

  1. Write letters of invitation to all gifted parents to join our group
  2. Develop a regular schedule of meetings, posted on website or in newsletter
  3. Provide opportunities to hear and converse with gifted guest speakers

Meetings with parents are held as needed to discuss new opportunities, field trips, fund raising, their needs as parents. program needs, and evaluation. They are advised of these meetings through notes home, on our cable television station, and in newsletters.

How do you involve parents and the gifted community in the evaluation of your program?

  1. Surveys, personal interviews, town hall type meetings
  2. Site council agenda item
  3. End of year presentations

Surveys are given to randomly selected parents and a personal interview may follow. If a controversial issue arises, a forum is held with input from all. Special open events showcasing gifted student activities and products.