Facility Usage Forms
Field Trip Packet
Student Activities Ticket Log
Student Activities – Club Sponsor Policies and Procedures Acknowledgement
Student Activities Cash Collection
Student Activities Club Constitution
Student Activities Club Officer List
Student Activities Donation Acknowledgement Form A
Student Activities Donation Acknowledgement Form B
Student Activities Fundraiser Approval Form
Student Activities Inventory Sheet
Student Activities Minutes
Student Activities Requisition

TCUSD Budget Request Form (May 2, 2018)
TCUSD Fund Transfers Request Form (Feb.24, 2018)
TCUSD General Consultant Agreement Form
TCUSD General Invoice Form
TCUSD Invoice Form with Statement
TCUSD New Vendor Form (March 22, 2018)
TCUSD Oral & Written Form
TCUSD Payroll Timesheet (official timesheet to be used District wide)
TCUSD Preapproval Supplemental Work Form
TCUSD Student Activities Handbook 2011-12
TCUSD Tax Credit Form
Fiscal Year 2011-12 Cut-off Dates For Purchasing (memo)
TCUSD 2011-12 Fundraising Plan (memo)
TCUSD Outside Consultant Fee’s (memo)
TCUSD Student Meal Rates (memo)


Athletic Application
TCUSD Fieldtrip packet – (Revised 4/2/2018 fillable form)

Food Service

TCUSD Sack meals request form – (4/2/2018 fillable form)