Professional Development

How do you regularly provide opportunities for regular classroom teachers and gifted teachers to receive specialized training about working with gifted students?

  1. In-service training, staff development, professional learning communities
  2. Fund attendance at conferences, workshops and training in gifted education
  3. Provide instructional materials for gifted learners • Join the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented (AAGT)
  4. Teachers develop personal professional growth plans
  • Weekly classes in techniques in working with gifted students followed by classroom application and shared student products.
  • Informational seminars.
  • Library of books and instructional materials available to all staff and parents.
  • AAGT and NAGC membership and conference attendance.
  • Individual Professional Development Plans.

Please list the titles of the training you conducted last year and those planned for the current year

  • Characteristics of the gifted learner
  • Instructional needs of the gifted learner
  • How to differentiate instruction to meet gifted learners needs
  • Identifying the gifted learner
  • The meaning of gifted testing results
  • Working with the gifted learner in the regular classroom grades K-2
  • Working with the gifted learner in the regular classroom grades 3-6
  • Creative thinking and Problem Solving
  • What Really Goes on in the Gifted Resource Room?
  • Differentiating Instruction for the High Achieving Gifted Student.
  • The Gifted Brain
  • Perfectionism and the Gifted Student

How have your training events targeted the needs of administrators, counselors, psychologists and support staff?

  1. Specific training events that illustrated for administrators how to support gifted education in their schools
  2. Training for counselors in the social and emotional needs of the gifted learner
  3. ADE training: school improvement

Administrators and other groups are given separate training addressing their roles in the support of gifted students. Individual Professional Development Plans include counseling staff.

Describe the feedback received from post training evaluations. What did the participants say about the effectiveness?

The most effective training includes the classroom application factor where participants return for more scheduled training with student products and stories to share. They are enthusiastic about the results.