What percentage of your supplemental allocation is used in the following categories: capitol expenditures, direct student services, professional development and district coordination?

20% Usually goes to capital outlay, 60% goes to direct student services, 10% professional development, 10% district coordination including testing supplies.

Describe the structure of your gifted education staffing including the ratio of teaching staff to the number of identified gifted students

  1. Type of program: pull out, cluster, self contained or differentiated instruction within the classroom
  2. Ratio within the structure you chose 1 to how many students?

Gifted endorsed teacher in a K-6 Reteach and Enrich program, 1 teacher for up to 70 students. Teachers for 7-12 where honors classes are held are not counted as they have no more than 25% of their teaching load as identified gifted students. Usually the ratio is less than 1 teacher to 18 students. Coordinator with some teaching responsibilities ratio is 1 coordinator to 130 students.

To what extent does the district support the funding of your gifted program? Please elaborate: be specific as to staff and financial resources

  1. Teacher salaries
  2. Rooms, appropriately equipped
  3. Professional development
  4. Funding for a Director
  5. Testing suppliesAdministrative support

Tuition for Stanford University programs are paid by the district. The salary for one program teacher and one program coordinator are district funded. Staff development, some student travel, computer and printer, furniture and office supplies are paid by the distinct.