Navajo Nation Science Fair

TUBA CITY, Ariz. – It was a two-tiered process for Tuba City District students to get to the final win at the Navajo Nation Science Fair this year. First, students had to win in their own district competition to be able to compete in the multi-district K-12 competition in Window Rock, Ariz. Students from Utah, New Mexico and Arizona competed in the Window Rock fair.  One middle school student from Eagle’s Nest Middle School in the Tuba City District will now move on to the Arizona State Science Fair competition in April.  Geronie Pesodas, age 11, is the son of Clarence and Genaro Pesodas. The family lives in Tuba City by way of Maryland. Pesodas has attended Tuba City District schools for the past three years.  Pesodas’ “Yummy but Greasy” experiment on potato chips and their salt-fat content took top honors at the Tuba City science fair and won top honors at the Navajo Nation Fair as well…

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Edick Nuesca

Edick Nuesca – Don’t Get Burned – Navajo Nation Science Fair 2014

Don’t Get Burned
Physical Science Category
Placed 2nd at Navajo Nation Science Fair

Marison Bilagody

Marison Bilagody – Level Up Your Memory – NNSF 2014

Level Up Your Memory
Behavioral Science Category
Placed 2nd at Navajo Nation Science Fair

Meaghan Moran

Meaghan Moran

How High Can You Go?
Environmental Science Category
Placed 3rd at Navajo Nation Science Fair

Shane Tallman

Shane Tallman – Up High Down Low – NNSF 2014

Up High, Down Low!
Physical Science Category
Placed 5th at Navajo Nation Science Fair

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