TUBA CITY, Ariz. – Last week Tuba City Junior High Navajo and Hopi language instructors worked with students to present a live play performance in a contemporary setting with students enrolled in tribal language programs.

An hour-long public play presentation was designed and created by the students. They receiving language assistance help only in the interpretation from the Hopi and Navajo language teachers.

Diné and Hopi Lavayi Language teachers Tammy Richards, sixth grade Navajo/Cultural instructor, Arvis Myron, sixth-eighth grade Hopi Lavayi teacher, and Louise Kerley, eighth grade language and cultural teacher, provided the oversight language mentorship to the students who were actors and script writers for the play…

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Students with perfect attendance for the fall semester at Tuba City Jr. High proudly display their certificates during a school assembly. Rosanda Suetopka/NHO
Ezekiel Macaraig
student artist has heart
Navajo Nation Science Fair
Tuba Navajo language immersion program students
student is champ
Tuba City Junior High Band performs