Chief Manuelito Scholarship

The Chief Manuelito Scholarship was established in 1980 to provide scholarships to high achieving Navajo high school graduates.  Scholarships are awarded based on ACT/SAT test scores and final high school grade point average.  The policies concerning deadlines and document submittal are strictly adhered to by the program.  Students receive $7000 annually to cover direct educational expenses associated with colleges and universities.  High school graduates must meet the following 2 criteria for eligibility.

  1.  High school graduate admitted to a post-secondary institution with a minimum ACT (SAT scores will be converted) composite score in combination with a minimum grade point average, as shown in Table 1 and
  2. Completion of required Navajo language and Navajo Government courses prior to high school graduation date as out lined in Table 2.
Table 1
Table 2

24/3 Rule

The Chief Manuelito Scholarship also recognizes and awards undergraduate college students with superior academic ability upon availability of funds and upon meeting eligibility criteria:

♦ A Full-time undergraduate student, having completed twenty four (24) semester credit hours, or equivalent amount of quarter or trimester credit hours, with a 3.00 cumulative grade point average (GPA) based on college-level grades courses.  Because this scholarship is based on the GPA of college level courses, students seeking an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Certificate are not eligible.

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ONNSFA Chinle Agency
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ONNSFA Crownpoint Agency
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ONNSFA Ft. Defiance Agency
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ONNSFA Shiprock Agency
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