Checklist for Seniors


Register for the ACT/SAT test(s)


Establish contact with counselor. Meet with them monthly.
Familiarize yourself with the American College Testing (ACT) and the Scholastic Aptitude Testing (SAT).
Send out at least three school applications and official transcripts and know deadlines for all applications. Record deadlines on your calendar.
Keep a record of whom you talked to, the date, and what it was about. Also, make copies of all documents you send out. Keep it all in one file folder.
Register for the ACT and/or SAT tests. October is the best time to take these tests.
Study for these tests. Many high schools sponsor workshops to assist students in their preparation.
Request three (3) Certificates of Indian Blood (CIB), if applicable.


Take the ACT and/or SAT tests.
Study school catalogs/pamphlets.
Check out scholarships available at the college(s) of your choice.
Ask teachers, counselors and others for letters of recommendation.
Check housing/deposit deadlines.
Attend career college fairs and find out about college visitation days.


Register for the ACT and/or SAT tests (if you haven’t already done so).
Send out more school applications (if needed).
Males 18 or older: register for Selective Service.
If you haven’t heard back within a reasonable timeframe, make a follow-up phone call. Keep track of all calls & correspondence.
Work on scholarship essays, requirements, etc. Check out deadlines…don’t miss them.


Retake the ACT and or SAT tests (if necessary).
Work on resume.
Follow up on status of school applications.
Check into College Scholarship Service (CSS) and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


Encourage your parents to complete their Income Tax Returns.
Gather supporting documents for completion of financial aid forms.
Begin financial aid and Tribal Scholarships application process – Mail financial aid applications as soon as possible!
Start filling out tribal scholarship applications.
Sign up for ACT and/or SAT tests (if you haven’t already done so).
Check into transition programs, freshman orientation, and know the deadlines for all applications!


Make sure those financial aid applications are mailed.
Take/Retake the ACT and/or SAT tests.
Double check on school applications. You need an official letter of acceptance.
Send in housing application/deposits before deadlines.
Find out if the schools offer any special programs geared for you: bridge programs, Freshman Year Experiences, etc. What do you need to do to apply for these programs?


Check again on status of admission, financial aid, housing, CIB and tribal application.
Check to see if/when there is a pre-registration. Pre-registering will save you time and will help you get the classes you want.
Make sure that all scholarship information is complete and sent in before deadlines.
If there are any mistakes/errors or incomplete information on financial aid packages, correct them and send back ASAP!
Check housing/deposit deadlines.


If you applied for any scholarships, you should be hearing from them sometime this month (if everything was completed as requested).
Make sure your ACT/SAT scores, admissions, housing, financial aid, tribal grants, and scholarship applications have been received at your designated schools.
Compare schools and their programs, financial aid packages, specialized programs, etc., and make your selection (if you haven’t already done so). Inform the schools of your choice.


Check on visitations available at schools for both you and your parents, e.g., Previews or orientation.
Make sure your final transcript is being sent to the college of your choice and tribal scholarship office.
You should have received an Award Letter and Financial Need Analysis (FNA) from your college’s financial aid office.
Check to make sure the school financial aid office sent a copy of your FNA to the tribal scholarship office.
If everything is not completed, continue to make phone calls and/or write letters.
Everything should be finished this month. You should be admitted, have a housing assignment and financial aid/scholarship award letter. All you need to do now is register for your classes. Congratulations!


Attend Freshman orientation, and/or transition programs.
Continue to follow up on status of financial aid admissions, housing applications and/or tribal funding.