hendersonMy name is C. Henry Henderson and I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to you.  I will be working very closely with you in the near future as the new Director of NAA.  I look forward to continuing the great traditions and programs that have been built over the past few years.  I am grateful that the Governing Board and Dr. Harold Begay to have chosen me to lead NAA.  Tuba City, Arizona is my adopted home living in this community for 15 + years, it is evident that this is a supportive and welcoming community.  I am truly honored to be given the opportunity to support and work with your children, the staff of NAA and the families of the community.  I truly believe that if we expect students to put in effort on a daily basis, then we must also provide positive models as adults.  Through a close partnership and collaboration with the staff and community, I look forward to working together to bring as many opportunities to the community and students as possible.  I share the responsibility with parents and community to encourage our students to become life-long learners and contributing members of society.  Working together in a collaborative partnership, our students can achieve at the highest levels in fulfilling their individual dreams.

The opportunity to work with NAA and families of this community is exciting.  I look forward to meeting every one of you soon.

C. Henry Henderson, M.Ed.


TCUSD is unified in culture, technology and its commitment to education; every stakeholder is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal, cultural, civic excellence and to enrich the community.
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