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Our Vision

Nizhoni Accelerated Academy Vision:

  • To continuously improve the instruction we offer by incorporating current research and best practices.
  • To create a culture of excellence where all the students are motivated to excel academically.
  • To establish an environment where everyone feels safe, supported and appreciated.
  • To partner with parents to better understand and guide our students through a successful non-traditional high school experience by providing encouragement and supportive interventions.
  • To work together with our educational community: students, teachers, parents, staff, political officials and community and to help our students become productive members of our society.
Meet Our Staff

Floyd HavenFloyd L. Haven – NAA Acting Director
My name is Floyd L. Haven, I am the NAA Acting Director. I worked for the district for 25 years, 15 as the Athletic Director, I taught physical education, coached Football, Basketball and Baseball at various levels. I have high expectations for the staff and students here at NAA. We are committed to the student’s academic progress, believing that all students can learn. At NAA our purpose is to provide an educational setting for non-traditional students, giving them the opportunity to succeed and graduate from high school.

Stella GoldtoothStella Goldtooth – NAA Secretary
My name is Stella Goldtooth,  I am of the Kinyaa’1anii Clan, born for Tsi’naajinii Din4, T1b22hi din4 shi chaii, T0d7ch’7i’nii Din4 shi nali.  I worked for TCUSD # 15 for 38 years.  I am enjoying working with students and being here to provide any services I can.  I most like enjoying seeing our students graduate and return as a teacher, nurse or surgeons.  Good luck to each and every student in their success of their education.

Tammy DugiTammy Dugi – NAA ESS Teacher
My name is Tami Dugi. I am the ESS Teacher at Nizhoni Accelerated Academy. I am Navajo, born and raised in Tuba City. I am White Corn Zuni Edgewater, born for Many Goats, my Cheii is Reed People and my Nali is Rock Gap. This is my fourth year as an ESS teacher within the school district. I have taught at four different schools within the district, and currently teach at three. Every day I look forward to providing a much needed service to the students and families within our community and surrounding areas. We at NAA offer support and services to not only lead students to graduation and post-secondary careers/training, we work to provide the students the skills to be confident, capable, and contributing adults within their communities. We have a great group of students who are able to improve our community as long as we support them and allow them opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Ahe’hee

Jonessa ReidJonessa Reid – NAA Academic Counselor
My name is Jonessa Reid, I am of the Salt People, born for the Bitterwater People; my maternal grandfather are the Towering House People, and my paternal grandfather are the Red Stream People. This is my fourth year at Nizhoni Accelerated Academy as the School Counselor. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University and my Master’s in School Counseling at Northern Arizona University.

On my spare time, I enjoy weaving sash belts and attending traditional ceremonies and NAC with my family. The most rewarding part of my career is returning to the school that helped open the door for me to receive my higher education. And seeing our students succeed and helping them set their goals and reaching them.

Jacob SumazkukuJacob Sumazkuku – NAA Custodian
My clans are Sun (mother) and born for the Coyote (father). I started custodial work at NAA in the fall of 2017. I was asked where I wanted to work and I never have worked at Nizhoni Accelerated Academy, I said, NAA so “Here I am.” I have been working with the school district for 34 years and worked at all the school sites. I worked at TCHS/Warrior Pavilion. I was chosen to be the Grand Marshall for the Homecoming Parade.
I graduated from Tuba City High School in 1973 from what is the Jr. High School now. I went to Building trade school in Sacation, AZ. I have one daughter.
Quote: The brain is your computer – what you put in it stays in there, unless you break it. “Be Safe”

Randall NezRandall Nez – NAA Math Teacher
My name is Randall Nez a many-goats born for tah-nee-zahni. Loo-kaa Dine Dah shi cheii doo Naakai Dine Dah shi nail. I have worked for TCUSD since 2010. I have taught math at grades 6 through 12 and even college level. My first job ever was a tutor at Grey Hills high school in 2001. I have also been a coach for 4 years as well.  My goal is to have our community improve by creating future success stories, to instill a sense of community pride, to strive for a professional attitude, and a drive for success. Once a student has these things they will be able to guide themselves to whatever future they choose.

RosellaRosella Keene – ELA Substitute Teacher

Hello! My name is Rosella ‘Cheryl’ Keene, and I am the long-term substitute teacher for English at Nizhoni Accelerated Academy. I’ve been a substitute teacher for TCUSD for approximately 9 years and have used this time to work on my education and history degrees on a part-time basis. I’ve worked with youth (infancy – young adulthood) for over 20 years and I really enjoy working with the high school-aged students. I am also Hopi; Maswungwu, born for the Eagle clan.

TCUSD is unified in culture, technology and its commitment to education; every stakeholder is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal, cultural, civic excellence and to enrich the community.


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